Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thing #8

This has been the most interesting so far. I made a Picture Trail slowslide show of a number of photos of an antique brass baby bed that I picked up at Gold Rush this past August in Rochester, Mn. It was in a pile of pieces laying on the ground. I new it would be missing some pieces but wasn't sure how many until I rigged it up on a work surface in my garage. It is missing one brass tube and three iron rails. The pictures are also the way I will have to put it back together after I completely dismantle the bed.

The major problem I will have is to locate the three rails. They don't reproduce the pieces and the cast iron ends can't be faked as they taper and slide into other pieces. So, I am now looking for and old iron baby crib that I can rob the rails from, I can cut the length down and weld the pieces back together but really need the ends. Anybody got an old rusty antique iron baby crib they want to get rid of???


Andrew Stehr said...

Awesome, you're coming along really well. Soon you'll be taking over the computer center!

Froggy said...

That is a cool brass bed! Good luck getting it all together again. I was surfing the 23 things blogs and happened across yours. Way to go! This is Laura, by the way.