Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thing #7

It seems to me that Cell phone, email, IM and SMS are just different ways to do the same thing, communicate and that choice depends on age and how much you like gadgets. The phone company seems to get the best deal monetarily. The library uses email constantly and it definitely allows us to keep in touch and share information. Personally I would rather talk face to face. I think you pick up a lot of information by observing people when you interact with them. Phone is my second choice and i would guess that IM and SMS will be things I use very seldom. I sit in on a monthly web conference and get frustrated by the fact you really only see what the camera sees and hear what the mike picks up. I spend two hours and reallly only know who is at the table in camera range and depending on how good the mike is, loose a fair amount of the conversation. It cuts down on travel time but I feel I would be farther ahead being in the same room.

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