Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing #1 The Blog is done, as of October 29, 2008the avatar is also

The following are some books that I have read that deal with art, antique and archeology theft:

Restoration ------------------------- John Ed Bradley
Illuminated ------------------------- Matt Bronleewe
The Art Thief ------------------------ Noah Charney
Consigned to Death ------------------ Jane K. Cleland
Deadly Appraisal --------------------- Jane K. Cleland
The Perfect Fake -------------------- Barbara parker
The Lost Painting ------------------- Jonathan Harr
The Judas Pair ----------------------- Jonathon gash
Buried Stuff -------------------------- Sharon Fiffer
The Wrong Stuff --------------------- Sharon Fiffer
Dead Guy's Stuff -------------------- Sharon Fiffer
Killer Stuff ------------------------- Sharon Fiffer
Hollywood Stuff -------------------- Sharon Fiffer
Loot ------------------------------ Aaron Elkins
The Bookman's Promise ------------ John Dunning
The Sign of the Book --------------- John Dunning
The Bookman's Last Fling ------------ John Dunning
The Bookman's Wake --------------- John Dunning
Booked to Die ---------------------- John Dunning
Chasing Cezanne --------------------- Peter Mayle
The Fuhrer's Reserve ---------------- Paul Lindsay
Stealing With Style ------------------ Emyl Jenkins
The Last Templar ------------------- Raymond Khourx


aurora said...

Welcome to 23 Things on a Stick! That seems like quite the list to get started on! It also seems like many of the authors return to that same theme?

If you are looking for other SELS member blogs you can find those here. We encourage you to explore those and leave comments, helping to create a community around this learning experience.

Ann said...

Congrats on getting started with 23 Things on a Stick! The SELCO staff, including me, will be working through the program as well. We hope to have fun along the way and will offer the opportunity for regional prizes to all who complete the program by National Library Week. Enjoy!

Ann Hutton at SELCO