Monday, January 28, 2008

Art & Antique Theft On A Stick

This creation is part of the library "23 Things On A Stick". The blog was easy to do after a friend helped me to figure out why the site would not accept my email address. It kept coming back with an error message that said the address already had an account. Knowing I didn't I went to someone younger who figured out a way to get a new password and everything worked... at least this far.

The title refers to my passion for any type of book that deals with art, antique, or archeology theft. I have always wished that there would be a way to collect titles and authors that wrote books out these subjects as I read them faster than I find them. If you can suggest titles and authors, I would appreciate it. As I feel more comfortable with this I will begin listing books in my collections and see what happens. Bye for now.

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Jonya said...

Oh this is a fascinating reason for a blog! I hope you continue it even after the 23 Things on a Stick is done. I just finished "the bookwoman's last fling" by Dunning and I hope he writes more.